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Cleaning in rented property

Tim Williamson
Tim Williamson

Key-Lets target tenants who are financially able to choose which property they wish to make a home.  Which means, our properties need to match their expectations.  Which means, clean and well presented.

The 28-day notice period in a Scottish PRT has made landlords brutally aware that quality matters.  Not only first impressions but also once the tenants have moved in. 

So, a clean property is vital to get well qualified, responsible long-term tenants.

Not all landlords have either the time or inclination to make their rentals sparkle when advertised for rent. 

We will organise cleaners and use a Key-Lets cleaning checklist to tick off everything in each room – in the same way as a hotel housekeeping team service a room.

The checklist is given to the incoming tenant as move-in evidence of the professional clean. The same standard is required when the tenants exit, or a professional clean will be claimed from the deposit.

We require separate evidence for carpet cleaning. 

Carpet and floor coverings are a common deposit claim, so a separate cleaning receipt is a benchmark against a future claim.  We make it a requirement for carpets to be professionally cleaned on exit in the lease.  The clause makes it clear we only accept receipts from bone fide carpet cleaning companies.  We do not accept cash receipts from unlisted businesses or DIY hire. 

Putting it bluntly, how can we prove the DIY hire was used to clean the past rental and not the one the tenants have moved to.  Plus, receipts from professional carpet cleaners give landlords redress if their flooring is damaged.

Tenants always check the cleanliness of ovens, fridge, freezers and washing machines at viewings. 

Making sure these are clean is vital to avoid periods between tenancies.  Making sure the fridge/freezer are on, or the door open if switched off, avoids mould growth – even in a clean fridge. 

Window cleaning is an area often neglected by tenants.  The Key-Lets PRT lease requires windows to be cleaned every six weeks, so there is no excuse for dirty windows at the end of the tenancy.

Having a property professionally cleaned at the start of the tenancy pays big dividends in getting tenants faster.  The cost is deductible against future tax and the receipts are evidence in any deposit claim.

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We have a number of helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

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