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Rental Property Valuations: One of the first questions I always get asked by landlords is ‘What rent can I get?’


And most landlords get the usual spread of non-answers and sales pitches agents like to give. So, let’s look at an accurate, efficient and quick solution for Rental Property Valuations with Key-Lets.

The current COVID restrictions means we need to keep you safe, value your property rental and work out a plan to market your property remotely.

That is where Virtual Property Valuations come in.

Before all the pandemic hit, we worked with landlords by generating a FREE Rightmove Valuation Rental Report targeting your postcode.


Fill in the simple web form and we will send you a Rental Property Valuation report based on rentals within a three-mile radius of your property. This is a service Rightmove offer only to Letting Agents and is not available to the general public.

The report we provide is a true record of similar rentals surrounding your post code across all letting agents. This will include current and let properties.

The benefit of a Rightmove Rental Property Valuations Report is that it looks specifically at rentals in your immediate area and shows a true reflection on rentals in an area. What the report does not tell you is how quickly properties rent out and whether the tenants were working or not.

The report is better than guess work and gives you a base line to work with.

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When you click send, we will organise generate your Rental Property Valuations report. This will be sent to you within 4 hours, or sooner.

Now choose one of the available slots for a Zoom call with me, or one of my staff, to discuss your report face to face, virtually.