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Is your Agent ignoring you?

Tim Williamson
Tim Williamson

Poor communication is a common reason many landlords give for moving their properties to Key-Lets. Failing to keep landlords up to date on their tenants coping with the current challenges has been a conversation I am hearing a lot lately. Especially being ignored when they reach out because the rent is late or safety work is not being done appears to be the new normal.

We are used to being approached by landlords who are suffering poor service from their current letting agents.

In the last two years we have had landlords switch tenanted properties from Donald Ross, Murphy Scoular, Lomond Properties, KA Homes, Trinity Properties and Letts Agree

We have welcomed portfolios from self-managing landlords who recognised so much has changed in the market that it is time to have Key-Lets do the work.

In fact, one of our business benchmarks are transfers of let properties to Key-Lets.

We have seen some of the agent’s work that was so bad landlords claimed back past fees and got indemnities against future tenant claims.

There are no real reasons why letting agents are not find great ways to keep in contact.

Yes, our staff may be working from home, as are half the country while others are on furlough.

Zooming has taken on a new meaning in these COVID 19 stay-at-home days. There is always the phone and the constant flow of emails to keep us all connected. There is no excuse for your letting agent ignoring you.

Now is the time review how your letting agent is working for you.

Frankly, many landlords are unaware switching tenanted properties is very easy to do. It is a myth you have to wait for a property to be vacant before switching agents.

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We have a number of helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

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