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Here’s a great offer for landlords new to Key-Lets…

In the video below I explain our two core charges:

  1. 11% management commission charged each month
  2. £175 management charge that comes of the first month rent on each new tenancy.

The £175 fee covers all our admin and marketing costs to find a new tenant.

For new tenants

For your first year we will:

  1. Charge you 10%* commission and
  2. Waive the £175* general charge for 12 months

* Plus VAT.

This means you pay 10% per month and save £175 each time the tenancy changes in your first year.

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Full management is ALL about you.

Security and stability are the twin goals driving our property management success over the decades since 1994.

We absolutely understand our landlords want long term tenants, who pay their rent and respect the property as their home. 

To achieve the right results for you we demand high standards – starting with our tenants.

We know tenants come in all types: bright and helpful, difficult and dense. 

There is no accounting for people.

To get the right person for your property is about asking the right questions, setting the right filters and squeezing out risk.

Oh – And using specialist independent referencing agencies (who we pay for) to get rental and legal cover for you.

Properties matter a lot.

Properties are a reflection of their owners: some are bright and clean, others dark and dodgy.

We don’t do dark and dodgy.  

Then we come to You.

You have clicked Full Management, so you must lead a busy life and recognise the benefit of lots more ‘me’ time over self-management.

We take on the work to make your property investment work for you.

Here is a brief video explaining how we will manage your property, our standards of service, who we will work for and who we are not a good fit for.

Hopefully you will now understand where we are coming from and how as a local, fully independent family business, we can give you our time and dedication to professionally manage your property.

Our reputation counts.

Key-Lets have been in business for over 25 years and still run by Debbie and I. Our loyal long-term clients appreciate the efforts we invest in properly managing their properties.

We hold our reputation dearly and have always worked on the basis of attention to detail, being honest and not cutting corners to get a property let out.

We don’t need the hassle of bad tenancies and neither do our landlords.

In the last two years landlords have switched tenanted properties from Donald Ross, Murphy Scoular, Lomond Properties, KA Homes, Trinity Properties and Letts Agree to Key-Lets.

Portfolios also came to us from self-managing landlords who recognise so much has changed in the market that it is time to let Key-Lets do the work.

Time to answer your questions….

The following video has been put together to give the honest answers to the four standard questions Landlords frequently ask:

  1. What do you charge,
  2. What hidden costs are there?
  3. What do you do,
  4. How do I get rid of tenants who do not pay rent?

Here are the answers head on, honestly.

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What keys should landlords hold?

We ask landlords to produce four sets of keys when Key-Lets take on a new property. 

Landlord right of entry in Scotland

Neither the Letting Agent nor Landlord have an automatic right of entry in Scotland to a

Housing tribunals in Scotland

December 2016 saw the replacement of fixed term short-assured tenancies with unlimited term private residential tenancies
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