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Looking for Ayrshire Letting Agents?

Why check out all the Ayrshire letting agents when Key-Lets have all the knowledge you need right here?

Key-Lets have been established in the rental market for close to three decades. This year we celebrate 27 years in business. How can we help you?

We have experienced major shifts in Ayrshire’s rental market since starting in Glengarnock in 1994.  Yet Key-Lets remain a family business specialising only in successful property management. We do not mix lettings with house sales or factoring.  Our focus remains 100% committed to lettings and making your rental experience a total success for you.

And being a family business, and landlords, we don’t compromise on quality, attention to detail or service. Key-Lets continue to be the only high street, Ayr Letting Agent purely dedicated to rentals in all of Ayrshire.  Our lettings expertise is there for you to share.


We are very careful about who we accept as tenants in our client’s properties. This starts with enquiry filters, pre-referencing checks. We then use an online, specialist referencing agency – which we pay for not the tenant.

This is done to protect the rent from your property and make sure your costs of any legal action are covered against rent arrears and repossession. A Key-Lets reference pass is far higher than most letting agents who carry out referencing in-house.

Moreover, using independent referencing agencies means Key-Lets are not tainted by the suspicion of self-interest other agents can attract achieving a speedy let – leaving you to suffer the fallout from the agent cutting corners.

By using a professional, third party to carry out our tenant referencing means insurance underwriters can accept the financial risk of rent arrears and legal costs – taking the worry of non-payment away from you. Really important in a pandemic.

For information about guaranteeing your rent visit Rentshield and Alan Boswell Group.

Most of our tenancies are either company lets or with working tenants. We do accept benefit tenants and students; however, we require working guarantors for both.


We are choosy about property location in accepting properties with Key-Lets in the same way as we are with prospective tenants. The video opposite explains our position on who we work with and where.

In a nutshell we reject properties in some Ayrshire towns and villages as there are too few applications from tenants able to meet our referencing standards.  This can be because the location has too few houses or is too rural to attract most tenants.  It may also be due to a poor local reputation, where social issues or higher crime levels deter the type of tenants we accept.

We believe in plain speaking so please do not feel let down if we do not accept your property with us.


Are you new to lettings, overwhelmed by the regulations and concerned of making the wrong tenant decisions?

For landlords new to the letting market, we have blogs, and articles for you to research a wide range of subjects in the rental market.

Plus, we have Key-Lets TV, a YouTube Channel to check out.  Hopefully, my presentations will not be too off putting. Positive feedback is really appreciated.

Fill in our web form and we will call you for a brief chat. 

We Make It Easy

Web form

Why not fill in the four questions on web form opposite and we will contact you directly.  A quick chat by phone, or face to face on Zoom, usually provides enough clarity to a make decision on how best to move forward. 

What Happens Next?

For Landlords new to lettings in Scotland we will send over our ‘New to Letting’ information.  We have other checklists and articles we can also send out to you tailored to what you need.

These articles will help you understand your costs and obligations when first beginning your journey into Scotland’s rental market. 

How you want to manage your rental is also a key decision. We have videos and blogs to help you there too.

Here are 4 Top Tips to consider…

#1 Decide early on about who you want to target as a tenant. This will influence how and where you will market your property, furnished or unfurnished, high rent or low rent.

#2 Ask around.  You will be surprised how many family, friend and neighbours have invested in property. Check online reviews and pop into a few letting agents to compare their attitude to rentals. We are not all the same.

#3 Be realistic about your rental level. We have access to market stats to show real rentals achieved by Ayrshire letting agents. This can give you a true reflection of rentals in and around your postcode. 

#4 Do the Research. The new Scottish PRT lease is a game changer according to Shelter. Tenants have more rights and greater security of tenure. There are now Housing Tribunal to hold you to account. You need knowledge to protect you.


Or are you a Landlord feeling something is not quite right with your existing letting agent?  

2019/20 saw a record number of let properties transferred to our management from other Ayrshire letting agents. Taking over other agents work is a real insight into how badly our competitors work for their landlords.

The areas of concern have primarily been:

  1. Leases incorrectly formed, lacking supporting notices and other documents.
  2. PRT Leases without additional protection clauses
  3. Deposits not paid into deposit schemes on time.
  4. Lack of statutory safety compliance
  5. Lack of rent and legal protection
  6. Lack of maintenance and house keeping records.

Not all the letting agents’ work we reviewed were local letting agents. 

Last year we took over tenanted properties in Renfrewshire and Glasgow, as well as from Ayrshire letting agents.

For landlords reviewing your current letting agent we have a series of review tools to aid your assessment. We regularly take over properties with tenants in them as part of our switching service for landlords.

Over the last twenty-seven years plus we have refined out transfer processes to move let properties from local letting agents with little disruption to landlords and tenants. Indeed, many tenants tell us how relieved they are when maintenance issues get fixed, communications improve, and shoddy repairs end when coming over to Key-Lets.

We make sure you are protected from amateur work and poor advice.

To move forward, give me some details and I will contact you to discuss your needs as a fellow landlord.  Let Key-Lets share our experience and extensive knowledge of the Ayrshire rental market with you. 

 Speak soon.

Tim Williamson, Owner

What makes Key-Lets different from other letting agents?

Staying Focused

The Ayrshire rental market is dominated by estate agency chains and franchises.

Bigger organisations can lose that one-to-one contact found in an independent family run business like Key-Lets. Staying focused and only offering property management in Ayrshire and Renfrewshire means you and your property are our only concern.

Mixing sales and lettings diverts attention from the on-going long-term relationship with landlords instead of the brief encounter of a house sale.

Staying Local

Key-Lets have been trading since 1994, Primarily in Ayrshire, some of Renfrewshire and West Glasgow. Key-Lets are Ayrshire born and bred, we specialise only in letting local properties and can give you a professional personal service based on decades of experience in Ayrshire. 

Staying Competitive

With Key-Lets we are straight on what you pay and have an incentive for landlords new to Key-Lets we know will build trust and a long-term partnership in managing your properties.

We use local trades we have worked with and who are fully compliance and insurance checked.  Key-Lets use bone fide contractors to ensure our landlords are protected.  Trade invoices are provided with our Key-Lets statements. In using local trades, we keep your costs down, support local businesses, and you have proof there are no hidden costs in the trade invoices with your statements.

Call Tim on 01292 289289 or Email: [email protected]

We have a number of helpful videos on our YouTube channel.

You can message me through Linked In.

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