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What is an EPC?

Tim Williamson
Tim Williamson

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is one of landlord documents legally required to be given to a tenant at the start of the tenancy.  It is also referred to in advertising promoting properties for rent.  Failure to either can incur a fine.

Introduced to Scotland because of a European Union Directive in 2002, EPC’s become a requirement for any residential property sale or rental after 2008. 

The purpose of an EPC is to inform potential buyers or tenants of the current energy efficiency of a property and included recommendations on how to improve heat and energy use in the property.  The certificate has several sections, but the one most familiar to the public is the coloured bar chart like those found on fridge and freezers to show energy ratings.

An EPC last 10 years after which a replacement is required at a change of tenancy or if there have been major changes to the rental.  Thus, a long-term tenancy does not require a replacement EPC after 10 years if the tenant is still in residence.

The calibration of the software relies on the Scottish Government for setting the parameters for the various grades from A to G.  A being the most efficient and G being the least energy use.

For more information on what is an EPC visit the Scottish Government website at:

Over the last decade the ways we use energy and cost of energy use have changed.  These changes can affect the calculations determining a property’s rating.  Consequently, a Band C rating in 2012 can be revalued as a Band D rating today.

Current political concerns over global warming and fuel poverty have already focused attention towards EPC improvements to save energy and improve insulation in the home. 

Both in England and Scotland rates have been proposed below which a property cannot be let out. 

In Scotland the stated change is an EPC rating of D at change of tenancy from April 2022 and all properties at rate D by March 2025.

Legislation has been delayed by the pandemic; however, it is waiting to be laid before the Scottish Parliament and will likely become law in the not-too-distant future.

You can access the Scottish central register of EPC’s to check if your property has a certificate and download it for your records.  The link is:

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