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What keys should landlords hold?

Tim Williamson
Tim Williamson

We ask landlords to produce four sets of keys when Key-Lets take on a new property.  One set for the owner, one for Key-Lets and two sets for the tenants.  Common sense dictates what duplicates are required in each of those sets as expensive high security keys or electronic fobs can impact on how many keys are signed over.

That said, where a tenant has signed a receipt for the keys, they become responsible for their replacement or cost of lock replacement if necessary.  Key-Lets, as the landlord’s letting agent will hold a full set of keys.

The keys we hold should be original keys if possible, to allow duplicate keys to be cut.  This topic and a wider explanation of key procedures and liabilities are explored in my blog, ‘TENANT KEYS – RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES.’

In my blog I explore the need for proper key policies and clauses in the lease to protect the landlord’s interests.  Another linked blog to check out is my piece on LANDLORD RIGHT OF ENTRY IN SCOTLAND.

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